Lu (Olu) Thomas

My name is Lu Thomas and I am a victim of a predatory loan with an interest rate rising from 7% to over 13%.

I am a single mother of five children. An immigrant from Africa in search of a better life for my children, I came to America. I worked tirelessly and ceaselessly to provide for my children and leave a strong legacy behind. In this effort, I pursued the American Dream.  I worked very hard and purchased a home where I could safely raise my children and where my aged mother could feel secure. We have been living in our sanctuary of a home for almost ten years.

Within that time, things grew very hard for my family. Still, not knowing what to do and afraid of my children becoming homeless, I continued to pay the mortgage, despite an immense struggle. My mother stepped in to help out. Unfortunately, three years ago, my mother died suddenly. This brought untold hardship, but I still continued to pay my mortgage, never defaulting, not even once. A little over two years ago, it became increasingly difficult to cope. To make matters worse, I got injured on my job. I tried to have the bank work with me after these unforeseen turn of events. They refused. They would rather allow us to go homeless on the streets after my working so hard keep our home.

Housing is a human right. The banks should not be allowed to continue to displace neighborhoods and break up communities. I am determined to continue to fight to keep my home and stop this hurtful and vicious trend of corporate crime. This is morally and ethically wrong. Luckily for me, I have the unflinching support of my friends, neighbors and allies at SAFE who, like me, believe in communities and the power of a united fight.  Together, we can obtain justice and put an end to this devastating and destructive practice for good.