OccupyHomes Rallies Around Homeowners Facing Foreclosure | Truthout

Saturday, 20 July 2013 11:46 By Claire Glass, Truthout | Report

Retired postal clerk Jaymie Kelly of Minneapolis, Minnesota, is holding onto her home by a thread, despite having paid five times its value in ballooning monthly payments. She received a letter from the attorney general dated in May agreeing to delay eviction for 30 days past her redemption period, which expired April 24. The next day Freddie Mac filed an eviction summons, and shortly thereaftershe appeared in court with representatives from activist group OccupyHomes Minneapolis (OHM), which managed to convince Freddie Mac’s attorney to back off temporarily.

“I’ve been on the block I’m living on for 58 of my 63 years,” Kelly told Truthout. “This is my neighborhood. It’s my everything. I really feel like I’m invested in this community. I have no plan B. Without [OccupyHomes] I would be homeless. It seems to me that it makes more sense for the bank to work with me.”

With reports like these stockpiling under the OHM radar, activists spearheaded an initiative called the Eviction Free Zone (EFZ), encompassing the Powderhorn and Central neighborhoods in Minneapolis, where there have been 835 evictions since 2007, not including renters Read The Whole Article Here…