Sonia Hoglander

Abusive System

By Sonia M. Hoglander (SAFE member)

We are an abused society; victims of the banks and government. One cannot even be poor without punishment from controlling institutions. Try going on a toll road without money. Try keeping your water on when you are without money.

I am being abused by the existing system. I am acting to change the system.

I used to be part of the upper middle class and I was sheltered from lack and scarcity. In 2010, I decided I wanted to live a more enlightened/fulfilling life. I quit my high paying job to start my own business. At first, all was well, exciting and adventurous. By 2011, I was crushed by the system; I had cash flow issues and could not pay my bills. My mortgage payments fell behind. I entered an odyssey of money deprivation. I got parking tickets, I got traffic violations, I have had my electricity, internet, and water turned off. I was choosing between mortgage payments and food. I have 5 beautiful family pets to feed, 1 dog and 4 cats; they need medical care and food.

I have been begging, borrowing and stealing for about 2 years now. How is it that we have a society where it is OKAY for people to be homeless, hungry and sick? I was shocked to discover that there are no safeguards for families who can’t pay for water to not lose water. There is this 211, emergency service group, but they are not funded to deal with the current state of the economy. I appealed to them to help keep my water on and was rejected.

I have no health insurance. I can’t afford gasoline for my truck. I can’t afford food for my animals. I’m on the verge of losing electricity, water, and internet and phone service constantly.

I am blessed! I am healthy and have no small children to care for. I am young, 54. I am educated, BSEE and MBA, yet have no job.

We need to stand up against an abusive system. We are human beings; we deserve shelter, food and water. To evolve, we must fight back, by raising awareness and demanding equality for humanity. We the people are not the reason the economy has failed. The banks got bailed out in 2008. Human beings got shafted in 2008. Where is our bail out, where is our justice? I worked hard, for others, for 35 years, why should I be punished by losing my home, and living without necessities. It doesn’t make sense. Let’s change the paradigm with love and gentleness for one another. We can build a better world, a more humane world. Together we can fight the banks and stay in our homes. God bless!