Pina Orsillo Belgrano letter to Chase CEO Jaime Dimon

The top six banks now control/hold 73 percent of the total assets in the US banking sector and BANKERS at those six firms HAVE TAKEN HOME more then  A HALF TRILLION DOLLARS IN BONUSES  & COMPENSATION since the BAILOUT. At an investor conference in February, JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon bragged: ‘We actually benefit from downturns.”

Dec 13, 2013

TO:      James Dimon, JPMorgan Chase, CEO

FROM: Pina Orsillo Belgrano


Dear Mr. Dimon, I am writing YOU to ask YOU to make this right!

I am supported by the power of Washington Community Action Network, SAFE and over 40 Organizations in the Seattle City area. I have participated in City Council meetings, meetings with WA Attorney General Bob Ferguson, Rich Zwicker, Foreclosure Compliance Coordinator AG office, and  with the 37th District Representative, Eric Pettigrew working toward implementing Principal Reduction and/or the use of Eminent Domain in WA State.

I am a FACE behind the PLAGUE of Foreclosures by CHASE, and even though you sold ME OUT several times, I am still a loyal client of yours.

I would like to dispel the misconception that the homeowners who find themselves in this situation are Uneducated and irresponsible. I am an educated European Immigrant, Italian to be exact! I have studied five Languages and continue to strive and educate myself.  I also have a nephew who works for the United Nations International Court of Justice in The Hague, Netherlands.

I am not asking you for a handout, because in my Italian culture we do not ask for handouts, we demand what is FAIR AND JUST and defeat is not in our vocabulary.

Being a single mother, a single income household, the downturn in the economy, loss of jobs and being forced to accept minimum wage jobs and in spite of the Psychological torture of going through the Modification Process, because God knows…it takes tremendous WILLPOWER and FAITH not to give up, I have managed to earn a Bachelor Degree.

My battle begin with Chase Bank in 2008 through a series of Modification paperwork, misinformation, each time I felt I was set up for FAILURE since I was never offered the Principal Reduction  I kept requesting and each time I felt cornered into accepting Chase’s “next best deal.”  Being mislead (INTENTIONALLY??) and later realized that CHASE  had done a REFI and not a modification as I requested, placing me outside of the Modifications guidelines.

Followed by satisfying CHASE ‘s request for Credit Counseling/Certificating through Urban League which advised me to default in order to Qualify for a Mediation, then to turn around few months later when my file got passed around, being told by Urban League would not even ask for a Mediation on my behalf because of my unemployment status at the time at which point having passed the 90 days in Default, CHASE would no longer accept payments putting me in a PANIC MODE and I had to seek legal help.

Then once I asked for MEDIATION, Chase UNLOADED my mortgage to Vericrest Financial Inc., who on my VERY FIRST Statement attached to it, there was  a note stating that pending approval their name was being changed to Caliber Home Loans, but keeping the same PO BOX.

Once at Mediation this past October, 2013, the Firm representing CHASE, VERICREST, CALIBER, being RCO = Routh, Crabtree Olsen, had the Audacity to show up at Mediation with the wrong file. A seven months old application and her justification was: “My assistant must have forgotten to put your recent documents in my file!” Resulting in paying for another Mediation to come!!!

I have gone through the SHAME and Humiliation, followed all CHASE’s requirements and gone beyond …I have been an outstanding citizen since the age of 16 when I emigrated from Italy. I have been self-employed for Three decades  participated in Jury duty –  educated myself,  raised an exemplary Humanitarian daughter who is attending the UW and who will  have a major contribution  to this Society and we find ourselves in such a vulnerable position, unsure of the Outcome through no fault of our own.  There is something wrong with this equation!!

My hardship is not temporary and NOTHING SHORT OF A PRINCIPAL reduction will help my situation.  This house is very important to my daughter and I, I bought as a dump, nurtured it to LIFE, it is the only Home we have ever had, and I am fighting to keep a roof over our head.

This is not the American Dream I signed up for at the age of 16 and find my family being forced out not only out of our home but out of this country. The only country I have worked, created jobs, paid taxes, done jury duty, and now at the age of 58 asking for Refuge to the Italian Government, a Government whom I have never PAID TAXES TO.

In conclusion, what I am asking and what is the JUST and FAIR thing for you to do?

1.      Re- Buy my mortgage as In-House loan not a Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac to hide behind as an excuse not to do a Principal Reduction/Forgiveness.

2.      Do a Principal Reduction of $125,000 down to the FAIR MARKET VALUE of my house.

3.      Set my Interest rate at 3% (you ruined my credit)

4.  With Mortgage monthly payments not to exceed $1,100 including Property Taxes and Insurance.

5.  Waive all Penalties, Interest Fees and any other charges associated with Mortgage included any and all legal fees.

It is my hope that you will rectify/correct the damage, the pain and suffering done to our family and look into this matter with your Full Immediate attention!

I look forward to a positive outcome and one that will make you sleep at night knowing that you did not make another family HOMELESS!!


Pina Orsillo Belgrano,

(Lender legal Rappresentation by – Routh Crabtree Olsen, P.S. , 13555  SE 36th St, Ste # 300, Bellevue, WA 98006)