Ismael González

I bought my home in 2007 originally with Countrywide. Bank of America bought the loan after the financial collapse of 2008. I was current on all my home payments right through 2009 when I suffered a stroke and subsequently lost my job. That was when I first sought a loan modification. I  continued to make payments with my savings through 2010, at the same time seeking loan modification. Bank of America, however, continued to deny my reasonable requests while giving no actual reason for their denial. Meanwhile, they threatened me with foreclosure.
Now, in 2014, I am still continuing to submit the same loan modification paperwork under the Making Home Affordable Program. The bank continues to deny my requests with no reason given for their denial. I never thought the bank would steal my home like this.
All I’m asking for is a reasonable good faith settlement on my modification request so I can pay to stay in my home. I’ve been fighting for this for five years even after having suffered a stroke and subsequent poor health.
We know it’s morally, ethically, and criminally wrong to foreclose on homeowners without attempting to work out a modification, so let’s negotiate in good faith.