Safeway Clerk Arrested Protesting Demolition of Her South Seattle Home | SLOG

Posted by Ansel Herz on Mon, May 12, 2014

Another summer, another round of allegations from a South Seattle homeowner that a big bank deceived and entrapped her into foreclosure. This time it’s Dana Ventura, a 51-year-old clerk at the Safeway on Rainier Ave., who has lived in a cream-colored one story house around the corner since the 1990s.

Here she is, minutes before being arrested by Seattle police this morning:

“Chase Bank told me they couldn’t help me with a loan modification until I missed three payments,” she said, describing how she lost a previous job due to health problems and fell behind on her mortgage. She said she followed the bank’s instructions, but instead, Chase refused to negotiate the modification and ruthlessly pursued a foreclosure—after it bought the mortgage from now-defunct Washington Mutual, which bought it from US Bank. A spokeswoman for Chase Bank tells me she’s looking into the allegations.

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