The Barton Family

The Bartons demand humane treatment for a decorated Vietnam Veteran that can’t walk or talk and not to force their family to be homeless.

The Eviction Blockade is Canceled Until Further Notice.

Victory. This is a small step in the right direction. Mayor Murray has told SAFE that he will notify us of any changes, but for now the Bartons are safe in their home. We now need Triangle Property Development, LLC to negotiate a reasonable agreement with the family.

A $1,200 rent check for the month of July has been mailed to Mr. Daher of Triangle Property Development, LLC while the Bartons are appealing the sale of their home. In no way does this validate Triangle’s claim to ownership of the property at 6548 41st Avenue SW, Seattle, WA 98136. This is a civil land dispute. Thank you for everyone that participated. Housing is a human right.