Rent Control Now and Direct Action on slumlord

The human rights and housing justice group in South Seattle known as SAFE put the public on notice at this morning’s Seattle City Council meeting.  Politicians were taking money from the notorious Seattle slum landlord Carl Haglund while he works to oppress and evict people like Greg Jackson.  SAFE also spoke in support of the upcoming Rent Control resolution.  The testimonies were moving.  Many of Haglund’s apartments have become homes to roaches, bed bugs, black mold, and squalor.

We Supported the Rent Control Resolution

On Thursday, September 17 at 9am at City Hall, the City Council’s Housing Committee discussed the Rent Control Resolution introduced by Council members Nick Licata and Kshama Sawant and passed.  Passing the Rent Control Resolution make it official policy that the City of Seattle wants Washington State to lift its undemocratic ban on rent control.  It is  an important victory helping us to build our city’s affordable housing movement.

We took Tenant Direct Action Demand Delivery on Slumlord

After the City Council Rent Control Resolution meeting, SAFE took  action in Rainier Valley, Hillman City, for a demand delivery to Carl Haglund, slumlord of the Kenny Apartment tenants, and Greg Jackson.  Handicapped and wheelchair bound, Greg is facing eviction from rent gouging, bogus fees, harassment, displacement, unhealthy conditions, racism, and disability rights violations.  Carl Haglund then takes his tenement profits to fund Seattle City candidates like Pamela Banks, Tim Burgess, and Lorena Gonzalez.

Later on, having been notified in public of their campaign financing, Burgess and Gonzalez have either donated Haglund’s dirty money to a nonprofit, charity or returned the funds.  There was no comment or action from Pamela Banks’ campaign.