Dear friends, community and allies:

SAFE believes that housing is a human right and has been successful fighting for housing justice on many fronts in Seattle since 2012.  SAFE has been primarily a community funded, grassroots organization and has depended upon small individual donations to fund our objectives.  We are quickly running out of money and need to ask those who believe in our mission to help us continue and expand our mission.  Our goal for SAFE is to raise $10,000 by the end of November. We will need your help!  Will you please give what you can?  Any amount that you give will help to keep SAFE in the forefront for the fight for social, economic, housing and environmental justice.

SAFE has been first in Seattle to stand against big banks, Wall Street, and the brutal tactics enforcing illegal foreclosures and evictions by the Sheriff’s Department.  We are the first to organize bank-eviction blockades in Washington State since the 1930’s.  The eviction blockade at the Barton’s Home in West Seattle was one of the biggest in the country.  The removal of Mr. Barton, a disabled vet, by King County Sheriffs got national media coverage.  Today the Barton’s have become leaders in SAFE and they now advocate for others facing displacement.  They are continuing to fight for their home in the courts.

Earlier this year, SAFE was the first to vigorously challenge the criminalization of the homeless in Burien.  We helped empower a movement across the country against police harassment of the homeless.  SAFE also initiated the recent campaign against the slumlord, Carl Haglund, and helped strengthen tenants’ rights in the city.  We were the first to call out slumlord-backed city council candidates with the tenant leadership of Greg Jackson.  SAFE is a part of the global struggle by ordinary people for housing justice.  We are on the front line of the fight against criminal banks.  It is of paramount importance that homeowners be offered principal reductions and we’re pressuring our local leaders to enact a moratorium on fraudulent foreclosures and immoral no-fault evictions.

SAFE is about building a transformative movement that gives a voice and a platform for ordinary people. There is no question our city is better because of our work, but we need your support to keep making headlines and help propel the national movement.

Thank you for your kind support in helping us to continue our work in building community alliances and help us reach our goals for housing justice.  We welcome your participation on any level.  Come out to an action sometime and become a part of our movement for change. We work for the 99%.

You can send a check to: SAFE 5623 Rainier Ave S., Seattle, WA. 98118

Or you can donate here on our website with our Support SAFE Donate tab above.


We have an annual meeting to set our agenda for 2016 in the next month as well. Feel free to ask about this meeting, any of the exciting work we have done and will continue to do in 2016.

Thank You,

Bang Nguyen

Executive Director