A SAFE Future 2nd Annual Radical Organizing Conference Saturday November 14th, 2015

A SAFE Future 2nd Annual Radical Organizing Conference 1pm-6pm, Saturday November 14th, 2015  

Collaboratory 5623 Rainier Avenue South Seattle, WA 98118

What is the future of SAFE in the New Year’s Housing State Of Emergency?

The Radical Organizing Conference, SAFE with our partners and allies, will assess where our future is in this necessary work to engage the rampant problem of displacement in Seattle.  We will share in movement building our experiences, collaborating to identify common targets, strategies, campaigns, and create an infrastructure for groups to work together.  Invite and spread the word now to groups and people whose work you think is relevant and important to Economic and Housing Justice.

On November 2nd, Seattle and King County officially declared a Homelessness State Of Emergency, a Housing SOS, regretfully leading the nation in recognizing our housing emergency.  Seattle is the fastest growing city in the country, and matching in fastest rising rents and homelessness, part of the epidemic that is pushing people out of cities around the country.  This is in the aftermath of the foreclosures and evictions that have already gutted the city of homeowners.  Then, to prey on the all the new renters, we have local slumlords like Carl Haglund doubling rents and pressuring working class tenants to make way for more profitable ones.

In addition, we have the world’s largest vulture funding corporate slumlord Blackstone properties, aka Invitation Homes, wholesale buying at auction and renting our foreclosed homes back to other renters.  We need radical change if we are to survive, like stronger foreclosure protections, such as mandatory forensic loan audits, and aggressive rent control.  It is urgent that activists across the city get together to fight against this tide of displacement and oppression.

1pm-5pm A SAFE Future 2nd Annual Radical Organizing Conference: Real stories of displacement, film trailer debut of SAFE documentary, Housing and Homelessness Forum with groups and people speaking on what they do or can for Housing Justice, Housing SOS Theater of the Oppressed, Next Steps.  Light refreshments provided.

5pm-6pm Next Steps social and networking, dinner provided, but you’re welcome to bring your favorite dish.